Midnight Farmer

Southern farmers regularly irrigate their crops around the clock during the summers.  Hot and humid nights filled with broken equipment, water moccasins, and wet clothes are where country living meets paycheck.  Even if it is the middle of the night under harsh conditions, a Midnight Farmer will never quit until the job is done.  We are thankful for all the hard working folks throughout the Big South that keep it simple and keep it REAL.

Midnight Farmer is an easy drinking blonde ale with a mere 5.1% ABV.  A familiar flavor that keeps you going any time of day or night.



Many thanks to Tailgating Challenge for making this awesome video! Click Here to read the full review.

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Everyone knows the Big South is famous for its Dirt Roads.  We’ve all driven them to work, deer camp, or fishing holes.  Sometimes we travel a Dirt Road just to disappear…Memories will be made when your cooler is full of our Dirt Road Pale Ale because getting there is half the fun!
Dirt Road Pale Ale is for anyone who appreciates a simple hop character that won’t be found on interstate highways.



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